Mountainland Pediatrics murals, aspens, bears, columbine, trout   hand painted mural in Day Treatment Center - Community Reach Center by Boulder Murals, dogs, playground, lamp post, tree, squirrel, vegetables,   Aspen tree with birds and butterflies by Boulder Murals   hand painted mural in Children's Hospital Colorado by Boulder Murals bears, humming birds, butterlies   hand painted mural of large sunflower in a kitchen by Boulder Murals   hand painted mural of hollyhocks on kitchen cabinets by Boulder Murals   Big sunflowers and ladybugs exam room mural   Jungle Nursery, by Boulder Murals   hand painted murals, of ivy trellis by Boulder Murals   jungle fauna   Hand painted sunflower arch mural by boulder murals   hand painted mural of flowers by Boulder Murals, Good Samaritan Medical Center